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Austin Robichaux - Baseball Instruction

1 on 1 - Prices REDUCED!!
Pitching - 60 minutes - $60
Hitting - 30 minutes - $45
Defense - 30 minutes - $45
4 pak 10% OFF!
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Christina Hamilton Softball Instruction

Private Instruction
Latest TECH / BEST facility
$60 - 60 minutes
$45 - 30 minutes
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HIT TRAX 2.0 now installed
Hitting Analytics
Catching Analytics
Pitching Analytics
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Indoor Hitting League - REGISTER NOW

Play LIVE games on HIT TRAX!!
Baseball and Softball leagues
4 week season PLUS Tournament
4 age divisions

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All Major Brands Available!
In Store Pro Shop opening soon!
Team Uniform & Equipment Sales

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Tryout Season is HERE! STAY SHARP!

Baseball and Softball CAMPS!
Skills, Drills and FUN!!
Don't miss out on our last few sessions
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Ragin Cages

The most complete facility for hitting and pitching training in the south.

Ragin Cages Hit Trax - Swing Analytic Technology

Hit Trax - Swing Analytic Technology

Ragin Cages is proud to offer the HIT TRAX system that provides all the analytic data hitter's are looking for today.  Create a player profile that will record and track your sessions while documenting exit velocity, launch angle, and many other outputs on the system.  

Ragin Cages Rapsodo Pitching Analytic System

Rapsodo Pitching Analytic System

Measure to MASTER!! 
Spin Rate
Strike Zone Efficiency
3D pitch tracking
Available ONLY at Ragin Cages

Ragin Cages FULL Size Batting cages

FULL Size Batting cages

These cages are 70 feet long x 15 feet high  and Two 55 ft. cages provide for tremendous feedback on the flight of the ball.  These cages also allow for full pen sessions off of our artificial mounds for both juniors and PREP.   

Ragin Cages Arm Strength & Conditioning

Arm Strength & Conditioning

Our "Flex Space" is a 35 ft. x 50 ft. area that contains Cage 5 which is retractable and our Crossover Symmetry and band wall for strength training.  This area also has medicine ball and power sleds for strength training. This area can facilitate full team training for your sport of choice.

Ragin Cages Baseball Bull pen

Baseball Bull pen

Ragin Cages offers complete baseball and Softball bull pen areas complete with linear reference indicators from home plates to the mounds.  Couple sessions here with our trainers and arm strength and conditioning and expect to see results when it's time to go live.

Ragin Cages Ultimate 3000 Automated Machine

Ultimate 3000 Automated Machine

The UT3000 is our easiest and quickest way to get in and get out for some solid reps off of a pitching machine.  This unit pitches both REAL baseballs and softball with the option for 4 different speeds for each.   We now have the Hit Trax system set on entertainment mode to provide not only a good workout but some FUN!

NO appointment needed
$2.50 per token for 20 pitches

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HitTrax Rental at Ragin Cages

Ragin Cages is proud to bring the Hit Trax system to Acadiana. Whether your looking for an evening of fun with friends in a virtual Home Run derby, Quality Hit Game or getting some hard data on you swing from a VCAM or BAR session. This system can be a tremendous tool and loads of fun

HitTrax Game Simulation
HitTrax Traning Session Review

HitTrax Video Capture and Analysis Module

For the first time ever, you can now capture and analyze the "cause and effect" of a batting swing - all within one system!


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