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Ragin Cages Atheletic Training Facility and Batting Cages
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Whether your competing for your spot on the mound or in the box we are your destination to train when NOONE IS WATCHING!

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2019 Prices UPDATED!!

Ragin Cages is 1 YEAR OLD!
Prices reduced on ALL cage rentals!!
30 minutes - $20
60 minutes - $35
90 minutes - $65

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Austin Robichaux - Baseball Instruction

Private lessons offered:
Pitching - 60 minutes - $70
Hitting - 30 minutes - $50
Defense - 30 minutes - $50
4 pak 10% OFF!

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Austin Robichaux - Dynamic Pitcher Classes

Bands, Crossover Symmetry, Med Ball series
ages 10 - 18
$15 per session
Wednesday / Friday
4:00 - 5:30
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Lesson and Rental Packages Available!!

Check out rental and lesson discounts available!

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Prospect - NOW $125 per month
Slugger - NOW $90 per month
Designated Hitter - NOW $75 per month
NOW 10% off Camps with ALL!!!
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Ragin Cages Instructors

Austin Robichaux - All Skills
Christina Hamilton - Pitching
DJ Sanders - Hitting/Defense
Jace Conrat - Hitting

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Ragin Cages

The most complete facility for hitting and pitching training in the south.

Ragin Cages Hit Trax - Swing Analytic Technology

Hit Trax - Swing Analytic Technology

Ragin Cages is proud to offer the HIT TRAX system that provides all the analytic data hitter's are looking for today.  Create a player profile that will record and track your sessions while documenting exit velocity, launch angle, and many other outputs on the system.  

Ragin Cages Rapsodo Pitching Analytic System

Rapsodo Pitching Analytic System

Measure to MASTER!! 
Spin Rate
Strike Zone Efficiency
3D pitch tracking
Available ONLY at Ragin Cages

Ragin Cages Three - 70ft Cages

Three - 70ft Cages

These cages are 70 feet long x 15 feet high and there are none better to give the athlete true feedback as to the flight of the ball while working on their timing from realistic pitching distances!  These cages are an excellent tool as well for pitchers to complete regular bull pen session for arm health.

Ragin Cages Arm Strength & Conditioning

Arm Strength & Conditioning

Our "Flex Space" is a 35 ft. x 50 ft. area that contains Cage 5 which is retractable and our Crossover Symmetry and band wall for strength training.  This area also has medicine ball and power sleds for strength training. This area can facilitate full team training for your sport of choice.

Ragin Cages Pitching Machine Rental

Pitching Machine Rental

Ragin Cages offers both baseball and softball Hack Attack pitching machines available for rent with cages.  These machines are manual feed and capable of throwing multiple different pitches with their 3 wheel operation.

$10 rental fee per session

Ragin Cages Two - 45ft Cages

Two - 45ft Cages

Cages 4 and 5 are 45 ft. long x 15 ft. high and are well suited for players to get some serious work done on their swings.  

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