108 Guernsey Lane Youngsville, Louisiana 70592
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About Ragin Cages

Ragin Cages is an indoor facility that provides a professional level venue for Baseball and Softball training across all skill sets. We have 4 oversized batting cages that provide for ball flight feed back as well as baseball and softball pitching labs. Training today would not be complete without data capture accomplished at our facility with Hit Trax swing analysis and Rapsodo pitching. Our goal is to provide a professionally inspired facility that allows young athletes to train on a consistent basis in a controlled environment.

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Ragin Cages provides young athletes a place to train and practice for their sport of choice in a controlled environment.


Cage rentals are available in different combinations ranging from individual cage, dual cage, and full facility cage rental. With each cage rental the facility provides baseballs, hitting T’s, and L Screens. Cages 1, 2, and 3 include pitching mounds and are 70 feet in length which allows for regular bull pen sessions for pitchers to maintain arm health.

Individual cage rentals: 1 -4 batters
2 cage pak/Mega Cage/Flex Space: 5 or more batters and Teams


Memberships are a great way to have regular access to the facility for those who have multiple family members or will utilize the facility on a regular basis. These memberships offer deeply discounted rates on cage rentals as well as discounted rates on camps and clinics that may be offered.