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Ragin Cages Rentals

Cage 1,2,3 & 4

These cages are 70 feet long x 15 feet high and provide the hitter with excellent feedback from the flight of the ball.  The ability to work on swing timing from...

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Ragin Cages bring the most advanced technology to Acadiana with THREE Hit Trax swing analytic systems!  The Hit Trax system can be used to analyze not only...

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Hit Trax

Ragin Cages is proud to offer THREE CAGES with the Hit Trax system whether it be for some serious analysis of your swing or a Home Run Derby with ...

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Mega Cage

The Mega cage is our 45 ft. x 70 ft. area that creates cages 1,2, and 3 when the partitions are extended.  A team can open the whole space for...

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2 Cage Pak

This package is perfect for teams and groups of 5 or more. The rental includes access to 2 cages simultaneously for 90 minutes intervals.  This package includes use of 1 pitching...

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