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RAPSODO Pitching Analytics

Ragin Cages is excited to bring the RAPSODO Baseball and Softball pitching analytic system to our facility to further enhance the training experience we offer.  This tool is an invaluable addition to our pitching instructors as it records all the analytic data our coaches and pitchers want to know so they can identify areas of improvement and track progress over time.   Our coaches will use the system during their regular teaching sessions to collect and analyze each pitch REAL TIME allowing them to make adjustments.  The player profile function records each session so progress can be tracked over time.

How do I get it?
1. Book a 60 minute session with a pitching instructor to receive a full workout with pen session on RAPSODO 
2. Book a 30 minute session RAPSODO session facilitated by instructor but NO instruction just recording of data
3. TEAM Session:  Coaches!! Want to grab numbers on all your pitchers to start the season? We can help